Husky is Deeply Terrified of His Human's Hair Clip and/or Fashion Sense

Is it the teeth or the green pearlescent veneer?

Over the past decade or so, Huskies have proven themselves to be some of the most meme-able dogs on the internet. From their ridiculous voices that sound almost-human to their expressive faces that sometimes resemble Anderson Cooper’s, the Siberian breed is ripe for virality.

And Hiro the Husky here is no exception. As he is confronted with his human snapping a hair claw at him, he retreats in a hilariously suspicious state of horror. We can’t quite tell if he’s scared of the anthropomorphic snapping teeth, or if he is simply repulsed by the green, pearlescent hair claw that should have been left in the ‘90s. Either way, he’s giving us a hearty laugh.

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