"I Married Me" Company Offers Self-Wedding Kits Starting At $50 To Marry Yourself

At least you won't cheat on you. Or will you?

If you liked it (yourself) then you shoulda put a ring on it (your own finger.)

A website called I Married Me is offering a DIY marriage kit for singles who want to commit to…themselves.

For $50, you get a sterling silver ring, instructions, vows, and 24 affirmation cards to remind you of your vows over time. If you cough up $230, you get a 14-karat gold ring to put on yourself.

According to the site, “you Are Reason To Celebrate,” and single marriage is becoming more and more popular.

“A roadmap to positivity, our I Married Me kit has all you need to create your own ceremony, including a self-wedding ring, vows and daily affirmation cards. A self-wedding is a symbolic ceremony–about reconnecting and staying connected with you. Wear the ring to remind you every day to love yourself.

“Did you know that micro-moments of positivity add up, creating an upward spiral? Positive mental states can also be enhanced by affirmations and even reshape us over time. A daily practice can help you focus on the good and give you resources when life is tough.”

They do have a point—marriage had been on the decline with less than half of all adults (over 18 years old) in the U.S. being married according to a 2011 study from the Pew Research Center.

A few customers who purchased the marry me kit seem to love being committed to themselves for the long-term.

“Just ordered my I Married Myself-Wedding In-a-Box kit. Best New Year's self-(and-others)-gift ever!! Seems like it should be a no-brainer, but it's dangerously easy to forget that if you don't give to yourself, you start the not-so-gradual slide from an abundance to scarcity mindset and you can try to hide it all ya want, but all such efforts are, without exception, doomed. Your loved ones may not know the cause of said less-than-fully-stoked vibe, but they'll definitely pick up on the rumbles of non-specific resentment: hardly a winning recipe for full-on celebration of this wild and crazy gift called life,” said one woman from North Carolina.

Another had a private ceremony in her own home in Pennsylvania.

”I wore my I Married Me heart t-shirt today (of course with a long sleeve t-shirt under it as it was 27 degrees). When I got home my kit had arrived! I got a glass of red, peaceful music and had my ceremony in private. I was moved to tears as I made the promises to myself. Thank you for sharing the love. This idea is truly a gift. You giving people the opportunity to remember to forgive, honor, and love themselves is a gift in which I cannot thank you enough.”

Another has herself for the “peaks and valleys” in life.

“Having married myself, it's a really great constant reminder of my commitment to myself, especially when you go through these peaks and valleys of life. I like the analogy of taking yourself on a date, each day you do one nice thing for yourself. This is a reminder of doing that each day.”

One California native declared, “It's official. I'm married. To me! Awesome!”

The idea was created by husband and wife team, jewelry designer Jeffrey Levin and strategist Bonnie Powers. The largest self-wedding they have thrown was for 120 guests.

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