If You Can Read This, You Need a Digital Detox Vacation — Stat

Step away from the computer.

We'll refrain from commenting on what it says about society when people have to pay top dollar to go without technology on vacation. But these days, that focused approach seems like the only way to get away from work, eschew braggy Instagrams, and quit Snapchatting our way through every moment.

The so-called "digital detox" trend hardly means going all austere, however: Retreats typically offer yoga, meditation, luxury pool or seaside accommodation, and top-end food and drinks. Places like these are popping up at hotels and spas around the world — even the Four Seasons has its own version. Some take your phone at checkin and others have Wi-Fi blockers in place so you can’t cheat.

Ready to bite the bullet? Let these luxurious digital detoxes serve as your much-needed push to stay off your phone and out of your inbox for a proper holiday.

1.  In the Caribbean

The Caribbean island group St. Vincent and the Grenadines offers digital detox vacation packages at which staffers take away your phone and supply you with a life coach to help you through the withdrawal. The struggle is real.

2.  In the U.K.

A popular retreat Chewton & Glen in Hampshire England charges guests nearly $3,400 for a single-person weekend treehouse stay. It includes breakfast in bed, alkaline buffet food, facials, yoga, meditation, and you’re given a diary and adult mindful coloring book. Doesn’t sound like much for the price? Well, these are not your average tree houses: They are fabulous glass homes with jacuzzis and incredible views.

3.  South of the Border

Some places even reward you. The stunning surfer hotspot in Mexico — Sayulita — is a dream vacation on its own. Go on a yoga or surf holiday with Via Yoga and you’ll not only enjoy it more by not using your phone, but the group will give you a sizeable discount if you hand it over to them.

4.  Stateside

If you want a getaway in the U.S.A., you can go to one of these digital retreats, which are in many states across the country. They’ve got some serious rules that include no digital technology, no networking, no work talk, and no clocks — so it's not for the faint hearted.

5.  In Africa

Chumbe Island Coral Park in Zanzibar is a private little island with only seven villas. Although in emergencies you can use the office Internet, you are pretty much cut off from the outside world while you’re here — which really is how it should be in paradise.

Want more options? Think outside. Literally outside: Go on an off-the-grid (but still luxurious) adventure like glamping in the Wadi Rum desert, tiger watching on a Serengeti safari, or sleeping in an ice igloo in Finland — you won't find Wi-Fi, and you will be forced to detox whether you realize you need it or not. (And you do need it.)

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