Ikea Launched a Pet Line and This Item Is at the Top of Our Wish List

Seriously, Ikea—take our money!


So Ikea just launched a pet line and it’s pretty much everything we never knew our pets always wanted.

Dog pull-out couch, check.

Cat snuggle nook, check. 

And, of course, a stylish blanket to protect your sofa when your pet shuns both of those items. 

Of all the new products released, it’s the cat house on legs that we’re drooling over. It triples as a nightstand for you and as a hideout and a scratching post for your kitty.

Credit: www.Ikea.com

We can't promise your furball will like it, but it's definitely one of the sleeker products we've seen for those people who don't like their pet furniture items to scream "AN ANIMAL LIVES HERE."

Sadly, these items can’t be purchased online so you’ll need to brave the crowds and head to the store yourself. At least you can treat yourself to Swedish meatballs as a post-shopping treat. 

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