Irish Wolfhound with Terrifyingly Long Tail Wins Guinness Record

What happens when he starts wagging it?

There are some dogs who win Guinness Records because they have extraordinary talents. (See: Purin the Beagle who can jump rope 58 times in one minute.) But other dogs become record breakers simply by nature of their genetics.

This is Keon, an Irish Wolfhound from Belgium. He looks unassuming enough, until you notice the sheer insanity that is his tail. Measuring in at 2 feet, 6.2 inches long (from top of the bone to the tip, not including the hair), the tail looks like it belongs on a cat or a kangaroo or some kind of otherworldly demon. But his family insists that Keon is nothing more than a “gentle giant.” If they say so!

Watch Keon’s tail in action—and get the hell out of the way when that thing starts wagging.

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