These Elaborately Decorated Bird Houses Belong on Million Dollar Listing

Why are these birds’ houses literally nicer than ours?

Meet Jada Fitch. She is an illustrator, birder, and crafter who makes bird houses so beautiful, you might try to Honey I Shrunk the Kids-yourself just to go live in them. A far cry from the basic bird houses you’d buy from the hardware store, Jada’s little luxuries are filled with gallery artwork, stone fireplaces, velvet chairs, built-in trees, and tons of titmouse treats.

Honestly, we would really, really like to see an avian version of Million Dollar Listing New York featuring bird brokers named Ryan Seagull and Fredrik Egret and Luis Oriole competing to sell for beaucoup birdseed. But we digress. Jada’s work is available in her Etsy shop (although she is currently sold out). And here are some highlights from Jada’s amazing, intricate creations.

Went right for the peanut #tuftedtitmouse #chickadeehouse #hometweethome

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#chickadeehouse #hometweethome

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