What Has Seven Teeth and All of Jenny Slate’s Affection? THIS OLD-MAN DOG!

Dental hygiene aside, Jenny Slate’s dog gets a 10 out 10 on the “would pet” scale.


Hilarious comedian Jenny Slate is known for a lot of adorable things: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, Gidget the Pomeranian from The Secret Life of Pets… and now we have one more thing to add to the list: Reggie, her 12-year-old senior dog with only seven teeth!

After suffering through her worst job interview ever (it involved Craiglist, a self-proclaimed opera singer, and jars of human urine [yes, it was as sketchy as it sounds]), Jenny wandered into a pet store to cheer herself up. While Jenny normally advocates for adopting from rescues, there was one dog at the pet store she couldn’t resist: an adult Bichon Frise, just like the dog she had growing up. He was hidden in a corner because the staff thought he had aged out of the “cute and sellable puppy stage,” but Jenny knew she found her doggo soul mate and they’ve been together ever since.

Jenny and Reggie are inseparable, be it appearing on Drunk History together or just relaxing in their bright and sunny California home. In fact, they are so committed to a life of lounging that Jenny’s character from The Secret Life of Pets, Gidget, was made into a dog bed. Too perfect, right?

It's a thrill to know that I not only play this character but that I am now a dog bed ❤️

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Jenny’s Instagram is filled with pics of Reggie snoozing in different corners of her house, accompanied by quotes with her trademark mix of silliness and genuine emotion. Our fave example? “His mouth smells like a dead crab, but we all have our idiosyncratic jewels, don't we? He's a prince.” Scroll below for more of peak into their hilarious and heart warming life together.

Reggie: An individual relaxing on a Friday afternoon.

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Reggie and uncle zomps @dzompare ❤️

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Earth's oldest grump.

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Ugh honestly it's just like GET OFF YOUR PHONE, I thought we were spending this afternoon TOGETHER, Reg.

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I picnic w my dog in my @dayspacenight apron dress and it feels so nice ❤️

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