Kardashian Sidekick Jonathan Cheban Is Legally Changing His Name to "Foodgōd"

So there you go.

Jonathan Cheban's claim to fame is as Kim Kardashian's bestie. But he does something else too! He's built a brand with a food-centric website and social media presence, and now he's really digging into the role. He's changing his name, legally, to "Foodgod" to match the brand identity. No wait, more specifically, he's changing it to “Foodgōd," so let's never forget to use the macron in references.

Fun fact: "macron" it not the same as "macaron," speaking of food, but it is the word to describe the straight line placed over a letter, especially a vowel. And it's also the name of France's president, Emmanuel Macron! So we hope you learned something here, something perhaps actually useful.

“People are constantly screaming Foodgōd as he walks down the street and showing up to restaurants while he is there, following his eating adventures,” a rep for the Cheban told People. “It has become cult like.” Page Six originally reported the news, and also Cheban's explanation that it was Kim's hubby Kanye West who bestowed the name upon him.

Now here's a tip from the Foodgōd: Read a menu by envisioning smells. "I need to read it and then smell out what’s going to be amazing. It’s a talent. Like I can look at the menu and just look at the ingredients and be like, This will end up being amazing.”

You're welcome!

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