Karlie Kloss Was in Full Tourist Mode in Venice, Italy: "La Dolce Vita!"

The supermodel took selfies with gondoliers and doubled up on gelato.

She’s one of the world’s biggest supermodels but from the looks of her Instagram feed, you might think Karlie Kloss was just any other tourist — albeit an impeccably dressed one — as she toured Venice, Italy and geeked out to the typical sights and activities.

Venezia ❤️🇮🇹

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Seemingly really interested in the gondolas — as tourists to Venice often are — she posted multiple videos and images from her own ride, selfies with the gondolier, and videos of other people’s rides, calling out, "Can I get a lift?”

She commented on how romantic it was for couples going past.

Selfies were the name of the game, as she shared the Venice’s lighting was the ultimate light for that perfect flattering image. 

Karlie had lunch at the Florian, which opened in 1720. The restaurant claims its philosophy is “food is art, to feed the soul." Judging by Karlie’s huge smile, her soul was well fed!

After lunch, she couldn’t help put share another image of a gondola ride, saying this one was “complete with an opera singer." She got herself another lift as the sun waned on a beautiful day, sharing, “sunrise to sunset on the canal."

She was livin’ la dolce vita — no question about that!

la dolce vita

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Karlie started out day two by checking out the street art, and of course, getting on a boat. In Venice, you can’t really avoid being on the water!

She even provided fans with a few lessons on the waterways of Venice.

Based on this Instagram photo, Karlie was in Venice for work — a photo shoot.


A photo posted by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on


Before heading out, she did what all people have to do in Venice, even supermodels: get gelato! She didn’t have only one either — because she may be a professional hottie, but she is only human after all. “So nice I got it twice,” she shared with her followers. 

so nice I got it twice🍦🍦

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She headed out of her perfect vacation with a "ciao" to her fans, and a little airport retail therapy — because duty-free is always in style.

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