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Keeping Your Ex's Last Name After a Divorce Has Sparked a Debate

Readers weigh in on what they think is the right thing to do.

When we wrote about a recent trend of women like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster changing her last name to Yolanda Hadid, and Kris Jenner switching back to Kris Kardashian, it sparked a debate among those who read it—and people’s opinions varied from not taking your partner’s name in the first place, to one commenter who believes you should legally have to drop it after a divorce.

The topic has been in the news lately, with one woman on mommy advice blog writing she was angry her fiancé's ex-wife was keeping his last name, even though they share kids together. Not many sympathized with her, with one saying, “really can't see the problem here.”

Readers weighed in on Facebook, after etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore told Personal Space that you can keep your ex’s last name.

“Oh, please. This woman needs to get over herself,” she says.

“My husbands ex kept his name because it's a cool name. We live in a small town. Whenever people ask if I'm related to her, I always answer 'yes, she's my mom.' It gives me a giggle everytime,” wrote Carole Patience.

“My mother kept my father's name until the last of us kids finished High School for continuity's sake she said. Once that was over she went back to her maiden name. But for Yolanda and Kris Jenner I thinks it's the publicity to keep them in the limelight,” wrote Anderea Vaughan.

Wendy Hartmann said, "I kept my ex's last name til I remarried. For my son's sake. He was only 4 when we there you go."

Stacy Lee wrote, "What!? Why would you want to keep your ex's last name after you divorce them? I wouldn't. Plus, it isn't hard to change your name back to your maiden name. People will find any reason just to keep a particular last name."

From Tammy Vogelgesang: "When she and David divorced, the ONLY name she should be using, since she doesn't want the Foster name, would be her maiden name, NOT her other ex-husbands name...."

Cathy Veal says there should be a law about dropping your ex's name post-divorce.

"My husbands ex went back to his last name after her divorce from a man she was married to for over twenty years. She has been divorced from mine since 1971, and have one grown child together. I believe it's not just messed up wierd, but wrong to be able to do so, should be a law."

Mandi Farr takes pleasure in annoying her ex's new wife, "I didn't drop my ex's because I was known by that name far longer than my maiden name...but boy, his new wife HATES it lmao"

Kethleen Behrns Hilliker said her son-in-law took his wife's last name. "MOST WOMAN keep the last name of their least until they are raised. My son-in-law just took our last name instead of vice-versa! Loved that....why not?"

Allie Cummins Reschke wanted to shed her ex's name because she can't stand the thought of him.

"I couldn't wait to go back to my maiden name! It killed me to have a different name than my children but that man was a vile human & I wanted nothing of him! I remarried a few years later anyways. My children want my new husbands name. If that tells you anything."

Tammy DesRuisseaux's ex doesn't care that she kept his  name, even though they didn't have kids together.

"I still have my ex last name...been divorced 12 yrs now...we DON'T have kids together but I'll keep it till I ever get remarried and my ex doesn't care if I keep it's just a name."

Saba Adhal says simply, "don't ever change your last name."

And Trina Campbell says if the topic is "truly your biggest worry, you are mightily blessed."

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