Kim Kardashian Is Making Salad Sexy Again

Someone had to do it.

Fans of Kim Kardashian—and salad?—are all abuzz at Kim's recent Instagram video, which features the reality star "making" a salad in honor of friend and fashion editor Carine Roitfeld hitting one million followers on IG. (Why a salad? Because she didn't have the ingredients on hand to bake a cake. Obviously.)

1 million!!!!! Thank you @kimkardashian @benperreira

A video posted by Carine Roitfeld (@carineroitfeld) on

Though her kitchen skills may leave something to be desired (serving an entire cucumber snapped in half doesn't make for the easiest eating experience, and there's just waaay too much dressing for our liking), there's no doubt it's sexy, with the required finger-licking and exposed midriff.

But Kim's had plenty of practice turning lettuce leaves into food porn. Remember this commercial?

And of course, Kim isn't the only TV vixen who's taken food porn to the next level. Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, who is mostly vegetarian, famously got extremely intimate with a juicy, dripping bacon cheeseburger in another Carl's Jr. commercial:


And back in the day, blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson somehow made Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites pop with sex appeal:

Apparently, sexy celebs can make any food sensual…burgers, pizza, salad. What's next, sexy water?

Oh, wait:

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