If You Don't Squeal at These Kittens in Tiny Pajamas, Something's Wrong With You

No offense.

Listen, it is really exhausting writing about cute animals all day. Oh sure, it may seem easy, but there’s a lot of complicated work involved. Not only do we have to do intensive geographic research about places like Puppy Island, but we also have to figure out the stunningly complicated equations behind which puppy choice indicates what favorite ice cream flavor. Are we saying our jobs are harder than air traffic controllers? YES. YES, WE ARE.

Which is why we are so tired—so very tired—all the time. And all we want to do is get into bed, turn on Shahs of Sunset, and snuggle up in our pajamas. Y’know, just like those baby goats in tiny pajamas. Or those little puppies in tiny pajamas. Or those teensy kittens in tiny pajamas.

Wait. *record scratch* What’s that? We haven’t done a round-up of kittens in pajamas yet? WHELP. Time to rectify that immediately! Sigh. A pet editor’s work is never done.

Those new pajama feels 😻

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