L.A. Club For Beautiful People Only Set to Open, "Ugly" People Will Be Turned Away

If you're average, hit the road.

If you’re not a 10, better hit the dive bar down the block.

The man who started BeautifulPeople, Greg Hodge, is opening a Los Angeles bar for beautiful people only. Yes, that’s right. Isn’t that every bar in L.A. anyway, you ask? Yes, but this is the “VIP room” for beautiful people. Like the kind of people who burn your retinas when you stare too long. Think Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend-type.

“The idea for the bar springs from the website,” Greg tells Personal Space, saying that in an ideal world, we “would look across the bar and see a person’s spirit or soul,” but that’s not the case.

We’ve got to agree there, how many “spirit” one night stands have you heard of? 

This is Greg.

The bar will be an exclusive, members only safe space for the gorgeous people to hang out in, where they won't be visually assaulted by the sight of ugly people. No misshapen faces here m’aam. You can be assured only symmetrical beauties are inside so you don’t have a reaction. 

The first step to getting in is to join the website, where you send headshots, bodyshots and a profile. Why are we bothering with the profile part? Applicants then have to pass a rating process where existing members vote on applicants over a nail-biting 48-hour period. You can check in on where you stand during the voting process. If accepted, you join, attend BP events, and mate with other BP’s hoping for a BP baby.

Members of the online club, which is in 120 countries, and has over 850,000 members, have access to the private West Hollywood bar. 

But here’s where it gets tricky.

If the BP wants to bring a guest (who may be ugly, the horror!) that guest will be let in to mingle with the BP only if they pass muster with the on-site Beauty Police. Who’s that? Door people who will determine on the spot if you are good looking enough to enter. (Exceptions made for people who may not be 10’s, but who are rich.) Obviously.

“The fundamental principal of human nature is that we all initially at least want to be with someone we’re attracted to,” explains Greg. “I certainly believe beauty is in eye of beholder, but the biggest problem with the online market is people being disingenuous in their profiles. We give an accurate representation of what it is we have.”

Greg says thousands of marriages, affairs, and even beautiful babies have been born from his club. 

The beautiful people bar, called Beautiful People, is elitist because that’s what the members want it to be. 

Below shows where the BP will sit and stare at each other.

“It’s filled with bright intelligent, articulate people, people from all walks of life from dental nurses to models,” he says. “We get backlash it’s discriminatory, but we’re simply owning it.”

In perhaps the greatest excuse ever as to why the bar exists for BP’s only, Greg says: “Being ugly is not a protected characteristic.” Like under discrimination laws? Yes, you can marginalize them (us) all you want. No rights for the uglies. 

Here are two members. 

But Greg argues, even though the concept “ruffles some feathers,” his bar and online club are open to every culture and religion—you can worship who or what you want, you just have to be super hot while you do it.

“People want to be attracted to each other, everyone in there will be attractive,” the former club owner form London assures us. “It’s like a microcosm of society.”

Beautiful People is set to open in February 2017. Your facial surgery should be healed by then. Let us know if you get in!

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