Labrador Retriever Can't Tell the Difference Between Sunbathing and Snuggling

"Hi. You're lying down. Snuggle me. HI. HELLO?"

As an Unleashed reader, you surely keep up with your dog news (and if you don’t, you should probably follow us on Facebook). And as such, you’re likely aware that the American Kennel Club just declared the Labrador retriever the most popular dog breed in the U.S. for the 26th (!!!) consecutive year.

One reason so many people love this breed? It has an extremely friendly, very loving, hyper-loyal nature. And such a faithful temperament is a wonderful thing… except for those 30 minutes that you want to spend peacefully laying in the sun.

This chocolate Lab is hilariously having none of his owner’s relaxation session. He’s like, “HI. What’s going on? We are OUTSIDE. Get UP. It is time to PLAY. Or if you insist on lying down, then I guess it is time to CUDDLE. Why are we not doing anything NORMAL?!?!?!”

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