Lost Teddy Bear Enjoys Luxe Mexican Vacay, Gives Internet Warm Fuzzies

When your kid's lost toy lives better than you.

Need some proof there's still goodness in this world? The story of two-year-old Millie Gray's lost teddy bear should be more than enough, because when the toddler left her precious teddy bear behind at a popular Mexican beach resort, he wasn't discarded or given away — he was treated to the ultimate tropical vacation, inclusive of cocktails, massages, and poolside naps.

"Mrs. Gray's situation clicked immediately since I totally understood the situation and it touched my heart," explained Gran Caribe Resort manager Matias Klein Kotter after receiving an email from Millie's mum following the family's return trip home to England. "This is how I came up with the idea of having Teddy take some pictures around our property to send them to her, and I knew that would make a whole difference to the girl and all her family."

Hardworking resort staff, many of whom are parents themselves and could relate to the sadness and despair of a little one's lost bestie, immediately got to work bringing Teddy to all the finest beachside spots. He found himself tanning by the pool, eating a healthy breakfast of fresh fruit, relaxing at the spa, sipping cocktails, and mingling with other hotel guests.

"We sent pictures to the Gray family who replied that this small detail really touched their hearts."

Jet Set caught up with Mrs. Gray, Millie's mum, for an exclusive update to the heartwarming story. "Teddy has found his way home to England and is back where he belongs. When we arrived back to the U.K. without Teddy, Millie was devastated and thought she would never see him again. When the hotel contacted me to say they had found him, I just kept thinking of how Millie would feel having teddy back home. It seems that teddy had been through an ordeal stuck in the Caribbean on a white powder beach with the hot sun beaming down on him whilst sipping cocktails on a cabana with hotel staff attending to his every need! Poor Teddy!"

Teddy and Millie are happily reunited now, waiting for their next family vacation and considering a tracking device implant for Teddy's well-traveled ears.

See? There's good in the world — sometimes you just have to travel a bit to see it.

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