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Make the Coolest Upside-Down Mimosas With This One Simple Hack

If you've got an ice tray and a bottle, you've got the season's most elegantly easy cocktail.

The upside-down mimosa is the cocktail you didn't know you needed under your belt, but you do. The drink's name takes longer to say than the time it takes to whip one up, because all you need for this brilliant spin on a mimosa are two simple things: orange juice, and Champagne ice cubes. That's right, bubbly in ice cube form.

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Fresh Direct tipped us off to our favorite cocktail hack of the season so far, and one of the smartest things about this trick is that it lets you make mimosas anytime if you've got O.J. handy. Make the ice cubes ahead of time and keep them around for whenever you're craving a mimosa. That way you won't need to make a mad dash to buy a bottle of bubbly, especially if it's brunch time and all your sparkling wine got polished off the night before. 

PS: Why save these cubes just for mimosas? As Fresh Direct points out, you can add them to grapefruit juice, ginger ale, or whatever beverage would benefit from a few sparkling cubes. Like, nearly every cold beverage, right? Delish also suggests freezing the Champagne mixed with fruits like strawberries. Even better: Set up a DIY bar and let party guests customize their cocktails with as many cubes as they want. 


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