Marion Cotillard Talks Her Relationship With Brad Pitt: "He Is Such a Good Person"

French actress Marion Cotillard may appear to be perfect, but, like everyone, she is always trying to balance her work and home life.

The pregnant 41-year-old star, who stars with Brad Pitt in “Allied,” says the trick is to not bring whatever character she is playing home with her. 

“It is about finding the right balance between work and coming home without anything from the character,” she told the U.K.’s Sunday Times. “And it's really hard because, when you spend two months on a project, you process in your dreams what you have lived during the day... and I have a tendency to choose disturbed or dramatic people.”

Marion also addressed the issue of growing old, which for actresses isn’t always pleasant. 

“When you see yourself aging on screen, it's really weird,” she said. “It's interesting to experience, and I guess it could be scary, as you have a magnifier on your ­evolution, what you become. It's going to mess you up, as sometimes you are not as strong as you should be. A lot of people live with poison in their head.”

She sais she tries not to be fearful of much or let her fears take over. 

“Fear is the most effective poison in this world. Fear of aging. Fear of the other. Of the unknown... Fear of tomorrow... Fear of death. Because it all ends there,” she said. 

Marion recently released a statement about the movie and Brad, after she was dragged into his divorce from Angelina Jolie with rumors of cheating with him, which she denied. She said the two became good friends, calling Brad “such a good person,” and “amazing actor.”

“He's such a good person that it's really not difficult to get along with him,” she said. 

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