Matthew Broderick Reveals He Dated Kyra Sedgwick...For Like, Years

When was this?

Hard to believe there was life pre-SJP.

Matthew Broderick—married to Sarah Jessica Parker since 1997—once dated gorgeous actress Kyra Sedgwick, who is married to Kevin Bacon. 

The actor revealed the news to a surprised Andy Cohen on Tuesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, during a game of “High School Who-perlatives.”

The two attended the same private school and when asked who “loved to make out to Earth Wind & Fire and still does,” that turned out to be Matthew. 

“Yeah I said that, I like it,” he said. 

When asked which one liked to “sneak out of class to smoke in the stairwell,” it was Kyra who then revealed that she use dot do it with Matthew. 

“That’s true. Well we both did,” she laughed, pointing at Matthew. 

One of them also got caught cheating on a paper because it was too well written, which turned out to be Matthew after Kyra said, “I did not cheat on a paper.”

When Andy put it together he asked, “Did the two of you ever date in high school?”

“Did we date,” Matthew joked. 

“Kind of maybe a little,” Kyra replied. 

“i didn’t know if it was ok to say that,” Matthew said.

Kyra joked with “We’re both married…we’re so boring..this is good for our careers.”

Matthew revealed he even knew Kyra’s mom, who was seated in the audience, and said pre-SJP he and Kyra went “back and forth” for years. 

“We know each other, we knew each other,” Matthew added. 

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