Two Unenthusiastic Dogs Miserably Show Off Their 13 Halloween Costumes

These dogs aren’t havin’ it.

If you read Unleashed on a regular basis (which you should, why wouldn’t you?!), then you’re likely already familiar with viral star dog siblings Maymo and Penny. Although they release videos year-round, we firmly believe they do their best work during the Halloween season. (Who can forget the time that Maymo was terrified of a dancing skeleton?!)

Last year, the doggo duo endured 17 costume changes—all while maintaining straight (if not unamused) faces. This year, there’s only 13 changes, but the humans have added a new element of giving the dogs tricks instead of treats. While we’re not quite sure why they’re giving their dogs fake grenades, it does certainly amplify their apathetic expressions, particularly when they’re dressed as a gorilla and his banana.

Sorry about all the tricks, Maymo and Penny! At least you got some treats—and so did we.

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