Meowijuana is THE New Drug You Should Talk to Your Cats About

This is your brain. This is your brain on nip. Any questions?

It’s been said that catnip is just “weed for cats.” But now one brand has taken that idiom to the next level by producing Meowijuana, a brand of catnip “for cats who need the weed.”

Not unlike traditional marijuana, the company is a little hazy on the details. But they do outline the origins of their kitty drug: “It is some of the utmost quality, pet-safe, organic catnip you will find on the market today,” reads their website. Harvested at the peak of the plant’s oil production and hand-trimmed by the finest catnip budtenders, “our legendary catnip is grown in Southern California and Washington State,” (Of course!)

Just like the real stuff (NOT THAT WE WOULD KNOW), Meowijuana is available in different strains (“Purple Passion”, “Meowi-Waui”, and “Kalico Kush”) and even comes in authentic forms like buds, blunts, and J’s.

The Amazon comments are nothing if not enthusiastic endorsements:

“Dr. Pepper almost ripped the jar out of my hands before I could get it into the kitty condo. It was a hit. It was hilarious watching all three [cats] go at it—talk about stoned to the limit! A little does go a long way; the only draw back is the munchies. My food bill for cat food is outrageous these days but worth every penny.”

Looks like the purrr-fect complement to wine for pets, does it not?

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