Michelle Obama's Surprise Guest in Chicago? Prince Harry, Who Charmed Teen Girls With His Pizza Repartee

QOTD: Do royals prefer thin crust or deep dish?

So a former FLOTUS and a prince walk into a Chicago high school and talk about pizza. Nope — that’s not a set-up for a joke (although we’d love to hear the punchline), but truly just a normal day in the lives of two of the world’s most famous philanthropists.

Michelle Obama surprised students at Hyde Park Academy when she showed up to ostensibly talk about how their generation can use their voices to help change the world. But then, her guest Prince Harry took up the subject of pizza (as often happens in Chicago), and the students were immediately smitten.

“When Prince Harry’s here, he eats Chicago,” one student giggled. “Make sure he has a pizza.”

To which Prince Harry replied, “I don’t even eat pizza anymore but I had a pizza last night. We had deep dish and we had thin crust. I promise you, I will make sure I eat Chicago.” (No weigh-in on which pizza style he preferred.)

Although Mrs. Obama did not contribute any pizza insights, we can assume she reps for deep dish because South Side is her home. “We’ve been in Washington for a little while but we come back home. We still have our house here. My mom still lives here. All of you kids — you are me. I was you. I grew up in the same neighborhood. So I know what you’re capable of. Because when you look at me, you should see yourselves.”

You can watch video of their visit below.

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