Millennials Are Not As Sexually Active As Tinder Would Have You Believe...Here's Why

There are a few reaosns why this generation is having less sex. 

Despite Tinder and every other hookup app available out there, millennials are having less sex than their parents did at their age.

A new study through the San Diego State University says that young people are interacting less in person, therefore having less sex. 

“Online dating apps should, in theory, help Millennials find sexual partners more easily,” psychology professor and author of the study Jean M. Twenge says. “However, technology may have the opposite effect if young people are spending so much time online that they interact less in person, and thus don’t have sex.”

Data from more than 26,000 people surveyed concludes that fewer millennials have been having sex since turning 18. Fifteen percent of 20 to 24-year-olds born in the 1990’s reported having no sexual partners since age 18. When Gen X were young adults only six percent reported the same.

Another factor on the sexless lives of millennials was “the overwhelming availability of online pornography” that give people an alternate outlet. 

Other factors included:

Living expenses are forcing more young people to live with their parents longer, easy access to shows online to fill time, and safe sex messages actually hitting home. 

“This is a very risk-averse generation, and that attitude may be influencing their sexual choices,” Professor Twenge says.

“It’s good news for sexual and emotional health if teens are waiting until they are ready. But if young adults forgo sex completely, they may be missing out on some of the advantages of an adult romantic relationship.”

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