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My Engagement Ring Was Run Over By a Mack Truck!

One new bride has an unfortunate turn of events with her bling. 

When Kimberly Eaton’s now husband Daniel proposed, he put a beautiful platinum diamond ring on her finger. 

“It’s the nicest piece of jewelry I’ve ever had,” she says. “When we first got engaged he asked ‘do you want a specific ring?’ and I said ‘actually you may want to do platinum, because I’m accident prone and gold is soft.’ I thought 'platinum for safety’s sake.'”

She wore the ring from her wedding day in Germany in 2012 through their honeymoon in Thailand, and made it back to New York with it on her finger just fine. 

“I swam with it, I only took it off to shower,” Kimberly says. “Unless it was something super active, otherwise it’s always on.”

But being jet lagged is no joke, and the first week home she ran into a little trouble with her new jewelry.

“We’re back in New York, I’m so jet lagged. I keep a little VW Golf for work, and I don’t park in the garage, I move it twice a week for alternate side parking,” she explains. “I wake up late and jump into my jeans and I’m running out the door. I said I’ll just do my makeup in the car.”

The new bride drives to her favorite coffee shop, The Sensuous Bean on the Upper West Side, where she double parks, and takes her rings off to apply tinted moisturizer. She put both her engagement ring and her wedding band in her lap. 

“I’m all ready and I get out of the car to get coffee, come back out, get in the car and go home,” she says. “I go to wash my hands…and I’m like wait! Where’s my ring? My stomach is in my throat. I’m hyperventilating.”

She called her husband, who calmly tells her to breathe and retrace her steps. 

“I go down to the car,” Kimberly says. “I find the wedding band, the less expensive one, of course. I don’t find the engagement ring anywhere. I go it’s probably in the street outside Sensuous Bean. I get in a taxi right away, I’m bawling. The cab driver is asking if everything is ok. I’m choking sobbing to him ‘I lost my engagement ring. I dropped it in the street.'"

Getting the ring insured the first week she had it was a smart move on her part, Kimberly laughs, adding, “I know how I am.”

“I was like we have to get insured right away, wearing it is making me nervous,” she says. But the ring was expensive, and held sentimental value, since her husband designed it himself. She was devastated she lost it.

“I get to the coffee shop and I fly out of the cab while he’s still driving,” she laughs. “I’m looking and I see the ring in the street sparkling. I yell ‘Oh my God, nobody has gotten it!’”

And just as she’s running to it, she hears—and sees—a Mack truck barreling towards both the ring and herself.

“I hear it’s a 16 wheeler go honnnnnnnnnk and I’m like ‘no no no!’” she laughs. “I’m standing in front of the truck, but he doesn’t have the momentum to stop in time. I get out of the way and I’m yelling ’Noooooooooo!’ The truck seems to go on forever, like there are endless wheels. So many wheels. I’m stomping up and down. He drove over my ring with 85 million wheels, he straight up drives right over the ring.”

As the truck barrels past, Kimberly says she dives for the ring and to her surprise it’s only a “little bit bent.”

“I yelled out ‘thank God!’” she says. 

“It should have been a commercial for platinum,” she laughs. “It was only a little bent and did have tar on it from the tires.”

After getting the ring cleaned, she makes sure she has specific places to put it now—either a ring holder near her bed or the soap dish in the bathroom. 

“We laugh about it now,” she says. “Thank god it was platinum.”

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