Penguin Fashion News: Naked Bird Gets Her Own Specialty Wet Suit

It's all the rage in Antarctica!

Here at Unleashed, we typically don’t get to talk too much about fashion. But today, we’re bringing you the hottest tip on the Antarctic style beat.

At SeaWorld Orlando, a teeny-tiny Adelie penguin named Wonder Twin began suffering from extreme feather loss (a condition that sometimes occurs in penguin’s natural habitats). We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t she a little young for feather loss? Will her penguin soulmate stick with her through this challenging time?

Rest assured, Sea World’s resident Wardrobe Craftsperson (yes, that’s a real title) Maria Barreto has made Wonder Twin a wetsuit of neoprene (so on trend!) that’s meant to mimic her former coat of feathers. The suit will help regulate her body temperature both in and out of the water—and help her look super stylin’ around the local icebergs.

Watch Wonder Twin strut her stuff:

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