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Love Yourself? You're in Luck...Narcissists Get More Dates and Have More Sex

People like Kim Kardashian have no trouble finding a mate. 

Narcissists get more dates and have more sex, says a new study


They are as attractive to others as they are to themselves, explains the report, so they have more sexual partners than the average person. 

Narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism are linked to the pursuit of short-term mating strategies (the study was done on speed daters), and worked in favor of men's short-term mating success. Ninety heterosexual individuals (46 women and 44 men), rated each partner's mate appeal for both short and long-term relationships. 

“Across both sexes, narcissism was positively associated with mate appeal for short- and long-term relationships,” the study says. “Further analyses indicated that these associations were due to the shared variance among narcissism and extraversion in men and narcissism and physical attractiveness in women, respectively. In women, psychopathy was also positively associated with mate appeal for short-term relationships. Regarding mating preferences, narcissism was found to involve greater choosiness in the rating of others' mate appeal in men, while psychopathy was associated with greater openness towards short-term relationships in women.”

Narcissism also went side by side with the appeal of a mate, short or long term, including one night stands. In addition to being confident about their looks. narcissists also exude charm, therefore seeming like they actually care about your feelings. That helped with  dateability too. 

The study was led by Emanuel Jauk of the University of Graz, in Austria, and was done through the University of Graz website. The people participated in three dating events for a total of 691 dates and had to take a test to determine whether they had Machiavellianism (the willingness to manipulate people), psychopathy (the inability to relate to others feelings and emotions), or narcissism (unhealthy love of self.) 

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