This New Beer Is Designed to Improve Your Workouts

Better living through alcohol? Yes indeed.

Say goodbye to those days when you can't quite motivate to hit the gym: Now there's a whole new incentive to work out, and it looks, smells and tastes a lot like a crisp, refreshing beer.

That's because it is beer—a brand-new beer designed to help you improve your workouts. Yes, you read that correctly.

Launched by the U.K.'s MuscleFood and spotted by Food & Wine, Barbell Brew is high in protein (21.8 grams per bottle), low in calories ("33 percent fewer calories than a regular brew," they claim) and gluten-free. It's low-proof too, at only 3.6 percent ABV.

MuscleFood is marketing the beer as a "muscle building treat." The company specializes in other fitness-related products, including protein powders, energy gels, liquid egg whites and what have you, so obviously they know what they're talking about. Although drinking post-workout has a long, illustrious history, MuscleFood appears to be bravely pioneering the whole drinking-before-exercising thing.  

You can't buy the beer in the States yet, so you'll want to make friends with someone who's about to head to the U.K. Or else take heart: Surely the demand for a product like this will help lure it across the pond stat, before copycat products flood the market here. 

Meanwhile, it's 5 o'clock somewhere: Time to start that, um, workout.


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