New Family Rule Enacted For the Holiday: Here's What We're Not Going To Talk About

After the nightmare that was Thanksgiving, many are deciding there must be rules. 

As a top family lawyer, Peter Walzer has seen it all. 

Founder of Walzer Melcher LLP, he’s seen fights that have dragged on for years. But none worse than what happened over Thanksgiving—with battles over politics ruining the holidays for many families across the country. 

So his family, and many of his friends’ families have decided to enact a rule to save the Christmas season (or whatever you choose to celebrate), because he doesn’t want more exhausting talk about the state of the courtroom religion, or anything else that will be problematic. 

“We’ve made rules on what you can talk about over the holidays,” Peter says. 

And he’s dead serious. 

“Every family I know is saying, ‘we’re not going to talk about this and we’re not going to talk about politics’ this season,” he says. “We’re not going to talk politics and not religion or the down jacket this person stole from that person at my daughter’s wedding. It was funny, that topic came up.”

Peter says nearly every family he knows has enacted the new rule, because tensions are higher than ever and Thanksgiving ended in a brawl for so many families. 

“Everybody’s doing this,” he says. 

The good news? His divorce filings usually “slow down around Christmas” at his practice, he says. If everyone can just shut up for the few days they’re home, there’s hope

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