We'll Have Fries with That! New Study Says Deep-Fried Veggies are Healthy

Deep-frying is healthier than steaming? We must be hallucinating. 

This is not a joke: A new study reports that deep-frying vegetables is better for your health than other methods of cooking veggies, including steaming and boiling. We always suspected that fries are good—very, very good—but we didn't realize they could actually be healthy.

The study was based at the University of Granada in Spain, where researchers tested four kinds of veggies: tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and pumpkin. They found that deep-frying or sautéing those vegetables in olive oil helps preserve their nutritional and antioxidant properties more effectively than other cooking methods.

So yes, you do have to use olive oil—extra-virgin olive oil, to be exact. If you're ordering French fries or other fried vegetables at a restaurant, you'll want to ask what kind of oil they're using, if the nutritional properties of said snack are a consideration.

But still: Deep-fried, crunchy, greasy fries aren't so horrible after all. Sure, they're full of fat and calories. And some sources are questioning whether the conclusions stemming from this study are valid. But hey, we're looking on the bright side.

Next time we order fries, make ours a double.


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