7 Times New Yorkers Were Actually the Nicest People on the Planet

They're just misunderstood.

New Yorkers often get a bad rap. Fast talking and fast walking might look like ambivalence toward all other humans — but take a closer look and often you’ll find that not only are NYC dwellers not always rude like the generalizations about them, but sometimes they’re some of the best, kindest, most selfless people on earth. For proof, check out these examples of New Yorkers just being everyday heroes toward strangers.

1.  When this cop decided to buy a homeless man boots.

Office Larry DePrimo was on duty one very cold night, wearing two pairs of thermal socks and combat boots and his feet were still cold. He then noticed a homeless man who was barefoot. Without hesitating, he went into a shoe store and bought the man new boots and warm socks and proceeded to place them on the man’s feet.

2.  When this guy proclaimed his self-love on the train.

Crispin Booker has a lot to be thankful for and he knows it. But he also recently told passengers on a train just why he’s grateful to be who he is and to have what he has and he no doubt inspired a bunch of strangers that day.

3.  When this guy saved someone's life on the subway tracks.

The number of subway heroes that pop up in NYC every single year is always a heart-warming reminder of how good-natured so many people are in the Big Apple. But Wesley Autrey’s rescue of a 20-year-old man nearly a decade ago is one many people still remember — and he was awarded the city’s rare bronze medal for his heroic actions. When a man had a seizure and stumbled into the tracks with an incoming train barreling toward him, Autrey jumped into the tracked and pinned the man into the track bed. The train missed the pair by just an inch.

4.  When Ryan Gosling randomly broke up a fight on the street.

Ryan Gosling might be a Canadian who spends a lot of time living in L.A., but he’s also lived in NYC. And he once intervened to break up a fight between strangers on the street.

5.  Every time this musician plays guitar next to homeless people so they collect more money.

Chris Leamy has been sitting next to panhandling homeless people and strumming his guitar for two years now in an effort to help them collect more change. Just because.

6.  When this guy gave the shirt off of this back to a homeless man.

Joey Resto was once captured on video giving a homeless man on the train the shirt off his back and then his hat, too. The video touched countless people and he was even recognized by the governor shortly after.

7.  The way everyone comes together to help strangers in times of need.

Just look at these stories of random acts of kindness in the New York region right after Hurricane Sandy. Sniff. It's enough to make you say: I love New York(ers)!

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