Photographer Has Newborn Photoshoot for 9-Week-Old Kitten and The Internet Loses It

It’s almost as if the internet likes cats.

Earlier this year, we blew the lid off the hottest new pet trend: Puppy photoshoots. We told you to get ready because puppies would soon be flooding your Facebook feed, and we weren’t wrong. (To wit: These Border Collie twins with tiny wings.)

And while we are phenomenal journalists who can trendspot from miles away, we are not infallible, and so we must admit we did not see the iteration coming: KITTEN PHOTOSHOOTS.

Aptly-named photographer Kitty Lee posted to Facebook: “And now for something completely different… My daughter got a kitten last week, and while she’s a little older than most newborns I photograph (she’s 9 weeks), she was definitely the smallest!”

Lee then posted a bunch of photos of the kitten named Luna—swathed in beautiful fabrics and wearing miniature bows—and the internet at large proceeded to have a cuteness meltdown.

In fact, the response has been so huge that Lee decided to put Luna’s fame to good use: She has assembled a 12-month calendar (June 1017 – May 2018), where each month is a full-page photo of Luna. 100% of profits from the sale will be benefitting Save-A-Stray!

In the meantime, you can follow along with Luna’s adventures on her new Facebook page, Luna the Little Black Kitten.

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