What Happens When Screaming Kids Invade an Upscale Restaurant?

This is a happy day for restaurant-loving parents—and a terrifying one for chefs?

Once upon a time, there was something known as a kids' table. The little ones would eat dinner together, off on their own, away from the adults who just wanted to enjoy a relaxing meal, a glass of wine, and some grownup conversation. Since most restaurants don't have kids' tables, the children either stayed home, behaved themselves at the adults' table, or were sent packing. The end.

But things aren't so simple anymore. Many parents don't want to have to get a babysitter every time they go out to dinner, or else bring their kids and risk a hellacious, embarrassing experience that will make everyone in the dining room hate them. Some parents even want to introduce their precociously food-conscious kids to the whole dining-in-a-restaurant experience—and that's where an innovative new "dining club" called Nibble and Squeak comes in. 

As the New York Times reports, Nibble and Squeak has just debuted in New York City, and it just might change the world of dining out forever. The club aims to bring parents and their kids into the most sought-after restaurants and let the children do their thing: scream, run around, do gross things with their food, and basically take over the place.

The saving grace is, no one else will be in that dining room except for those families. Launched by New Yorker (and former London expat) Melissa Elders, mom to a 16-month-old, Nibble and Squeak books out an entire restaurant (or sometimes a private room) for a family night, giving its subscribers a chance to experience that new place they've been hearing about—and giving their kids a chance to have fun and eat a delicious meal at the adults' table without getting yelled at non-stop. Sounds like a win-win-win...or the exact opposite?

The club plans to spread to other cities in the near future...so watch out.

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