No Eye Contact? Probing Questions? What Exactly Makes Someone a "Creep?"

Are they too thin? Staring too long? 

Ever call a person “creepy?” We all have. But what qualifies someone as a creep?

Well, there’s a study. There are certain things that make you a creep. 

A new study published in New Ideas in Psychology  asked people what traits made a person creepy, because don’t we all want it boiled down to science? The study, labeled, “On the Nature of Creepiness,” researchers asked 1,341 people to answer a survey on what they considered creepy. Scientists then analyzed the answers.

Some conclusions:

Men are more likely to be labeled as “creepy” than women.

Women are more likely to think sexual threats are creepy (duh).

Acting “unusually” was associated with creepiness.

Some hobbies and jobs make people creepy. (Taxidermy anyone?) According to the survey, people thought clowns were the creepiest of all careers. 

There were also other clues that made someone a creep. 

Being extremely thin, avoiding eye contact, asking to take a picture of you, watching people before interacting with them, asking about details of your personal life when you don’t know them, displaying too much or too little emotion, being older, steering the conversation toward sex.

Do creepy people know they are creepy?

Nearly 60 percent said “no.”

“Researchers say it’s an evolved adaptive emotional response to uncertainty about the presence of threat that allows us to be more alert when something or someone seems a bit off,” says the study. 

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