No Turkey For You! Family Thanksgiving Is Called Off After Fighting Over the Election

Who's slicing the bird? No one. Everyone's mad. 

It’s been a divisive time in America, so much so that many families can’t get past their differences and the holidays are ruined. No turkey, no football. It’s straight anger being served for many this year. 

Richard, from New York, isn’t sure what Thanksgiving will bring this year. Last time he was visiting his family in Georgia, he got clunked in the head with a wine glass by his aunt. 

“She was in a tirade against [Donald] Trump, and he interjected that Hillary [Clinton]wasn’t that great, either. No other comment. A half full wine glass was launched at his head,” says one friend of the family. 

That was over a month ago, and she’s “still festering,” says the pal. 

Angie, from New York, says she’s done arguing during the holidays, and would rather work instead. 

“I actually cried at Christmas [last year] with my whole extended family because they were denying that the wage gap exists and I was getting so frustrated arguing. I love my conservative family, but we're not going home this Thanksgiving—for unrelated work reasons—and it's probably for the best. My parents didn't vote for Trump but I suspect most of my extended family did, and I'm definitely not ready to get into that with them yet,” she says. 

Deb, from Los Angeles, says there will be no turkey with the men in her family this year. 

“I used to think that all of the men in my family were very evolved,” she says. “But during the primary, I noticed that all of them, except for my brother, had turned into major ‘Bernie Bros.’ All three of my nephews posted horrible things about Hillary. One posted an ugly picture, another posted an article slamming her, and the other made a comment on Instagram that HRC should be charged with treason, the punishment of which is execution. Well, that made me finally snap. I posted furiously on his wall and also called one of his Bernie Bro friends ‘a moron’ and ‘privileged.’

“He and his wife (my niece) were furious that I called their friend a moron on his wall. I apologized for posting on his wall but not apologize for the content of what I said. Next thing I know, my niece is messaging me and we just got into a nasty fight that expanded from the election to years of built up resentment. It was truly ugly. The things we said to each other on both sides were gonna be nearly impossible to forgive.

This was months ago. Since then, we have attempted to reconcile once, but it got all fucked up again and now, they have refused to come to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving if I’m there. They even said they didn’t want their children around me. Like I said, ugly.”

Instead of a traditional Thanksgiving, Deb’s family is having a “Friendsgiving” at her mom’s Palm Springs home.

“We invited any of her older friends in her retirement community who didn’t have anywhere to go. My brother and his family are having their own Thanksgiving. Which is fine bc they’re all vegans now and I like real turkey,” she says. “My mom is totally distraught but I’m over it. I’m furious at all of them still and blame them and others like them for Hillary losing. I honestly don’t know if or when this might be resolved. I have no intention of being with them for Christmas. Unbelievably, almost all of us are Democrats and we are totally estranged right now. I can’t imagine how hard it is for people who have Trump relatives.”

Jessica, from New York, says it’s her own husband who loves a good holiday argument. 

“Because my husband is such a staunch conservative and my aunt and mother are so far on the other end, they are polar opposites,” she says. “My husband loves and lives to argue. I'm adult enough to understand that everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to feel however they feel. I have zero patience for people that wouldn't even let you speak your mind or try to sway you to see their way ( my husband ) I'm very middle of the road when it comes to most things. However I don't like to argue. I really don't like confrontation so this year should be highly interesting and entertaining. It's going to be insanely ugly. I may stay home or get blindingly drunk.”

Amy, from New York, says she feels the opposite, and that all the arguing over the past two years with the election makes her want to be around family. 

“Due to my relatives aging, I’m not sure we will have a home cooked Thanksgiving,” she says, adding, “I think politics just makes me yearn for more family time and holiday homemade meals even more.”

That’s the spirit. 

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