Our Favorite Foods Will Soon Be Made Out of This Weird Ingredient

Hope you're ready for hamburgers and eggs made out of, um, water plants.

News dispatch from the not-so-distant future of food: Your favorite dishes will soon be made out of algae, thanks to a wave of California startups that are focusing on plant-based solutions for popular but environmentally challenging products.

Southern California company Follow Your Heart has just introduced VeganEgg, an algae-based powder that you mix with water and use as an egg substitute for cooking or baking. After scrambling up a few tablespoons of the remarkably eggy-smelling powder, we didn’t find this to be the most super-convincing egg substitute on the planet, but it wasn’t bad, either. In fact, these "eggs" would probably taste pretty darned good in some fried rice. 

And since the company claims that 100 VeganEggs can be made with the same amount of water it takes to produce a single chicken egg, it’s a product that makes sense in drought-stricken places like the Golden State.

Up north in the San Francisco Bay Area, two companies are also leading the way in plant-based innovations. Impossible Foods recently raised $108 million to bring their reportedly hyper-realistic-tasting hamburger and other faux meats and cheeses (also made with algae and other plants) to market, while New Wave Foods is also using plants including algae to create sustainable imitation versions of seafood products like shrimp meat and shark fin, the latter of which is banned in the state. Both companies plan on getting their products onto your dinner plate before the end of the year.

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