Panda Cubs Can’t Stop Falling All Over the Place, and We Can’t Stop Laughing Our Faces Off

OMG, find your balance, bears!

We’re not quite sure why the Toronto Zoo took it upon itself to create a huge mash-up of its resident baby pandas falling off of stuff and falling all over each other and falling underneath things, but we aren’t complaining—mainly because we’re can’t catch our breath from laughing so hard. (Seriously. There is nothing funnier than chubby little panda cubs who can’t get a grip. And the soundtrack of The Barber of Seville overture isn’t making it any less hilarious.)

Now, if you’re concerned that this is somehow cruel, slow your roll, care troll. Panda scientists (how do we get that job?!) have actually confirmed that repetitious falling is “a normal and expected part of play…and may significantly contribute to the panda cubs’ development into reproductively successful adults.” So basically, pandas have to get a little banged up so they can learn how to, well, bang.

No wonder pandas are Erika Girardi’s spirit animal!

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