Patton Oswalt on His Wife's Death: "It Feels Weird to Say it — I'm a Widower"

The comedian shared on Conan how he and his daughter are coping after the tragedy.

Following his wife, Michelle McNamara's, unexpected death back in April, Patton Oswalt is now revealing how he and his 7-year-old daughter, Alice, are coping in the wake of the tragedy. The Emmy winner appeared on Conan on Monday to share how they have been dealing with her loss.

"I mean, I'm here. It feels weird to say it — I'm a widower," he said. "If I put it in really basic terms I'm like every bad 1980s sitcom where there's a dad raising a kid by himself and the mom is somehow... except my 1980s sitcom sucks, there's no punch lines. There's a lot of insomnia. There's a lot of me eating Cheetos for dinner. I'm waiting for my daughter to turn to the camera and go, 'No wonder I'm in therapy.'"

Patton noted that his daughter has been "handling it way better than I am." He added, "Having to tell her her mother passed away is the worst thing I will ... I can't imagine ever going through anything [like that]. When death comes for me, I'm gonna go, 'Yeah, whatever, I've had the worst, bring your stupid sythe and your hood, whatever.' She wanted to go back to school immediately. Her school, and Michelle's family, and my family basically saved my life those first three months."

While sitting down with Conan, Patton also shared how being married to Michelle changed his professional career, below.

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