People Reveal the Moment They Knew They Wanted to Get a Divorce

Suddenly, they knew it was over. 

We keep track of many different kinds of moments in our lives, like the moment we know we’re in love or the moment we realize that we’ve found a job we actually really love. But what about the moments when we find ourselves shaking our heads at the choices we made because of love? The moment we realize the person we’re dating or married really isn’t the person we’re meant to spend our lives with? We secretly keep track of those moments too.

These are the stories of people who reveal the exact moment they knew they wanted to get a divorce.

1.  I knew before I got married

“I remember getting cold feet before my wedding and all my girlfriends were like, oh no, you are just nervous, it doesn’t mean anything. Then, on my wedding day, I felt weird about the wedding and the marriage, mostly the person. It just never felt right between us. There wasn’t a lot of trust or even respect before we got married. I guess I thought marriage would bring us closer? Then almost two years after getting married, I filed for divorce. It was the first thing I had done in a while that felt right for the relationship. I was thrilled to get out and start over.” – Donna F., 37

2.  The moment I met someone else

“My marriage was never rainbows and butterflies. There were plenty of ups and many downs as well. It was rocky and we both weren’t really working on making things better. But then, plot twist, I met someone else at work. We started off having this strong friendship connection. That person turned out to be female. I never thought I would have this strong attraction to anyone who wasn’t a man, physically too. But I did. Long story short, pretty much the day I met her, I realized I wanted to end my marriage and live my life, with a new person, and hopefully with this person at work. I am now divorced, not with that woman, but dating freely and openly both men and women.” – Maria S., 34

3.  When we were trying to have kids

“To be honest, I never wanted babies. I kind of mentioned this before I got married but we both brushed it off and said we’ll figure it out when the time comes. Well two years into marriage, we started chatting about it. My husband wanted to start trying and every time he told me that, I’d start crying. He wanted me to explain why I didn’t want kids. I even went to therapy to figure out why and explain it. I started to realize that it wasn’t that I didn’t want kids; I just really didn’t want kids with him. It sounds mean but it just showed me that deep down inside I didn’t see a future with him and needed to get out. This was my wake up call.” – Andrea J., 27

4.  On my 40th birthday

“The older you get, the more you do things for yourself and only yourself. You could say it is selfish but it doesn’t matter. You are getting older so you just finally have an urge to live your life. I turned 40 and realized I didn’t love my husband anymore. I loved my kids but wanted to be more than just a mom. It was almost a mid-life crisis that came years early, but it was the trigger I needed to go off and start a career and get out of a very unstable marriage.” - Steffanie C., 35

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