Meet Pigcasso: The Rescue Pig Who Has Become an Acclaimed Artist

You might call her artistic style “hamstract.” (SORRY.)

Painting elephants are so 2009. The hottest new animal artist is this rescue pig—and it’s not just because “Pigcasso” is an easy pun.

This painterly porker was rescued by Joanne Lefson—an animal rights activist who runs Farm Sanctuary SA—when she witnessed the squalid conditions in a South African slaughterhouse. “I wanted to help, so I went to the factory farm and I asked to buy one of their piglets,” Lefson told the Daily Express. “I’d have brought them all home if I could.”

Lefson tried out a variety of enrichment activities with the four-week-old piglet, but found that she was most interested in painting. “I do not force her to paint,” Lefson says. “She paints when she wants to.” The would-be pork chop likes to wander the beaches of Cape Town—paintbrush in mouth—and produce beautiful portraits of the landscape while snacking on caramel corn.

Lefson will be selling Pigcasso’s work to raise money for Farm Sanctuary SA, although she won’t be surprised if her work gets picked up elsewhere. “Pigcasso thinks she’s got the talent to go big—into the finest galleries of New York and Paris! As long as she doesn’t eat them first.”

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