Hmm... Here's a Bag You Connect to Your Dog’s Tail to Collect Its Poo

Love your dog but hate his poo? This invention’s just for you!

Adopting a dog means also accepting a job as professional  poo picker-upper. It’s part of the package deal, and few people even think twice about it. But then there’s Gideon Hazan, who thought so twice about it, he went ahead and invented a product called Piqapoo. Tagline: “Collecting your dog’s poo, so you don’t have to.”

The product is still in the Kickstarter stage, but it is pretty well fleshed out: attach a poo bag silicone cup to your dog’s tail, wait ‘til your dog poops, remove the cup, and dispose of the bag with the push of a button. The whole poopy process is hands free, so “you can enjoy your walk with no mess and no cleanup!”

If you’re thinking that most dogs aren’t receptive to having things dangling from their tails, rest assured that the dog’s comfort is Piqapoo’s primary concern. “We spent three years refining its design and searching for the best materials that are both durable and provide maximum comfort for our pets,” reads the Kickstarter. “We succeeded in developing a revolutionary device that suits dogs of all breeds and sizes, and it’s so light that they won’t even feel it!” We’re no engineers, but the whole thing sounds pretty impressive—if it works.

Still skeptical? Piqapoo’s Kickstarter even features a weirdly heartwarming and faith-affirming videos of Piquapoo being used by a vision-impaired man with his service dog.

Piquapoo was seeking a $15,000 investment on Kickstarter, which it has already surpassed—$28,213 at the time of publication—with 44 days to go. And given the outsized pledging, we expect to see Piquapoo on shelves sooner than later. And silicone cups attached to your dogs tails nation-wide. 

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