Most Brilliant Invention in the World Guarantees the Perfect Selfie of You and Your Dog

Ugh, why didn’t we think of this first?!


If you have a dog and a functioning smart phone, you’ve most likely taken about a million selfies of you with your pupper. Of course, nine hundred ninety-nine thousand of those selfies are pure garbage because your easily-distracted doggo can’t seem to focus.

But one brilliant company has a solution: The Pooch Selfie™ cell phone attachment is simply a tennis ball that clips to the top of your cell phone. According to their website, the Pooch Selfie™ “takes advantage of your dog’s natural draw and focus to a tennis ball and uses this focus to hold their attention for a perfect picture.” Umm, fair enough!

The tennis ball (which also squeaks, although we’re not sure how one would squeak and selfie simultaneously) clips onto any phone directly above the camera so your dog will stare brightly and happily into the lens, ensuring a perfect pic every time. Honestly, the whole thing is pretty genius and we feel like we owe them the $12.99 for not thinking of it first.

Just be sure to reward your dog with a game of fetch once you’ve gotten the shot!

Here’s the Pooch Selfie™ in action:

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