Poppable Pimple Cakes Are Here — And They Are Both Utterly Repulsive and Strangely Satisfying (Video)

Can't look, can't look away.

File under: horrific things you can't unsee — and yet secretly kind of want. (It's fine to maintain outward denial.)

People. it's a cake. That looks like a face. With zit heads on it. And you can squeeze the zits. You can squeeze them!!!

The Cakescape Malaysian bakery has been churning out these horrendous creations, atop which the red "pimples" emit white cake when compressed. And they are popular because people love popping zits

You have to see them in action to believe the world has come to this. Warning, this video contains explicit content:

Just the messenger. So very sorry. And... you're welcome?

Image credit: The Cakescape/Facebook

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