Private Investigator On Nailing Cheating Husbands: A Woman's Instinct Is Always Right

In the new Bravo series, Imposters, premiering Feb. 7, gorgeous con artist Maddie (Inbar Lavi), seduces her targets and then robs them of everything, leaving without a trace, leaving them to wonder how she pulled off a double life.

But getting conned doesn't always scale that far crazy--sometimes it's right under your nose. And it's the person you (think) you know best.

According to the stats, 85 percent of women who think their husband is cheating are correct, while 50 percent of men are on the money. The other half are paranoid.

But in the experience of top New York City based private investigator Miguel Rodriguez, founder of R.Q. Investigations, who is an electronic and video surveillance veteran, 100 percent of women who have hired him to catch cheating husbands have been correct.

“A woman’s instinct is always right,” he tells Personal Space.

Miguel says he usually gets the call for help when the spurned woman needs proof in order to leave her husband or to gain more in a divorce.

“When they call me, women already know, they just need proof,” he says. “They always want to believe their husbands, but they know and they need proof. Proof will get them what they need- evidence. A condom, or undergarments, the husband can always say it’s a friend. But pictures, or video doesn’t lie.”

In addition to finding a bra or sexy lingerie, the following signs point to why Miguel gets constant work: A sudden lack of interest in sex with the woman, more time away from home and sudden time away from home, unanswered phone and texts, blocked from their computer and phone with passwords you don’t know, whispering on the phone, perfume smell, unexplained receipts, computer history always deleted, separate email addresses from the one you use for your spouse, more nights out with friends, coming home late on a consistent basis.

As Miguel explains, from the above clues, a pattern always emerges.

“The woman will say, ‘I feel like every Tuesday he’s always working late, and that’s something recent. Or he was always home on Friday, now he’ll have to go help a friend, or go drive somebody to the airport, or a friend got drunk and can’t drive, excuses.

“There’s a pattern to the deceit.”

Miguel helps determine how long the pattern has been going on, to determine how to catch him.

“How long has he done this, if it’s the last three Friday’s in a row, on the fourth, we follow him.”

Usually, the guy is oblivious, he says, and does’t suspect someone is following him on his way to his mistress or boyfriend, in some cases.

“Depending on locations we may use two investigators to follow him in case he’s like ‘hey there’s a blue Toyota following me and I’ve noticed it now again 14 miles away,” Miguel says. “What he doesn’t realize is there’s also a red Mazda following him.”

Many husbands will jump in an Uber or a taxi, making them easier to follow because thy aren’t paying as much attention. When he goes to enter an apartment or hotel, a PI will follow by foot and snap pictures and record him.

“There are so many apps for the iPhone now,” says Miguel, in order to make it stealthy.

He has been confronted before he says, but by then, “it’s always too late.”

“He’s been recorded going where he said he wasn’t, and we always get the video date time and year stamp. If he left the house in a blue sweater, brown loafers, and khakis and is entering his mistresses apartment [in that same clothing] he’s not doing what he said he was doing.”

Miguel says he even gets off the elevator on the same floor as many men and they have no idea they are about to get caught.

He says that he also sees many affairs begin at work, where “a big thing goes on between a powerful employer and young employees.”

“It goes on a lot in the office where an employer hires a new assistant, they develop a relationship the employee thinks she’s going to move up the ranks and that’s never the case,” he says. “Then the employee reveals things. They file a complaint with the Department of Labor who doesn’t really ask too many questions, so we get proof.”

PI’s usually charge like lawyers, Miguel explains, saying they take a retainer then charge hourly until they get the proof they need.

“It’s just a matter of catching them,” he says. “Instinct pattern, proof.”

Imposters premieres Tuesday, February 7 at 10/9c.

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