Meet the Unbelievably Adorable Starting Lineup of Puppy Bowl XIII

Who will you pick for your fantasy league?

The most important sporting event of the year is looming brightly upon us: Puppy Bowl XIII. Animal Planet’s annual game (its 13th, for those of you who can’t read Roman numerals) will air on February 5th at 2PM, the same day as some other allegedly “big” game we don’t care about.

This year’s Puppy Bowl is especially exciting because it features the event’s largest-ever representation of special-needs dogs. According to an exclusive interview with USA Today, three disabled pooches are making their major league debuts: Doobert (who is deaf), Winston (who is sight- and hearing-impaired), and Lucky (who is three-legged). But rest assured that these special dogs are not at a disadvantage. Handlers and referees will be keeping a close eye on every player, and they won’t hesitate to pull any pups that tire of participating.

We will, of course, be cheering for all of the rescue pups on both Team Ruff and Team Fluff: The game features a total of 78 puppies from 34 different rescue organizations across the country. (And don’t forget the kitten halftime show with chicken cheerleaders!)

We’re very excited to introduce you to 10 standout players from the Bowl’s starting lineup—Doobert included!


17-week-old Poodle mix

Daisy Moses

13-week-old Chihuahua mix


15-week-old Husky-shepherd mix


14-week-old Jack Russel terrier mix


17-week-old Pomeranian-Havanese mix


15-week-old English Pointer


16-week-old Australian shepherd mix


18-week-old miniature Pinscher-Shih Tzu mix


12-week-old Pomeranian-Schnauzer mix


18-week-old Blue Tick Coonhound

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