Genius Rescue Chihuahua Has Figured Out How to Get Noticed at Her Animal Shelter

All it takes is a little bit of creativity (and a lot of core strength)!

It is ruff being a shelter pup. Each and every dog wants and deserves a happy forever home—but how do they capture the attention of browsing potential adopters? How do they showcase their wonderful personalities from behind bars? How do they make themselves stand out among the cages?

Well, if you’re Pearl the Chihuahua from the Denver Animal Shelter, you literally stand out from your cage. The rescue posted the following picture on their Facebook page with the caption “When you realize you may not have thought this whole plan through…”

A sign on Pearl’s cage reads “I am practicing greeting the front of my kennel with more confidence, please toss me a treat when you walk by!” Clearly, this enrichment activity has been working because Pearl’s assurance has reached new heights—and her climbing skills have earned her attention (and adoption interest) across social media as well!

Shelter spokeswoman Kerra Jones told PEOPLE, “She was transferred to a foster [Paws on the Ground] with a rescue partner of ours so she can continue to show her true colors to future adopters. Besides the photo, we have never seen her climb before!”

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