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Okay, This Rescue Video of a Thankful Pit Bull Just Made Us Sob for 5 Minutes

There is good in the world and this Pibble’s got the receipts. 


While it is not technically our job to seek out videos that may make you break down in tears at your desk, it does seem to happen on a regular basis. (Case in point: Last week’s greyhound who was rescued from Yulin and now frolics through vineyards in California.)

And this video—presented by Hope for Paws, a Los Angeles-based animal shelter that rescues animals in grave danger—is a real doozy. It details the story of a dog named Leesa, a pit bull who is hiding under a car, shaking, terrified, and suffering from a burst mammary mass. (Note: There is a small amount of graphic imagery.)

With a ton of patience and kindness, one of Hope for Paws’ founders—Eldad Hagar—eventually gains Leesa’s trust and coaxes her out from hiding. We watch her fear dissipate as she explores Eldad and slowly warms to him, and then, at long last, she climbs into his lap, gives him a kiss, and makes our hearts explode into about one trillion tiny pieces of hope and love.

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