Reza Farahan's Dream Buffet Would Include Pizza, Fries, and This One Chinese Dish—With a Twist

And a cocktail, of course.

At this point, we know that Reza Farahan is one picky bitch. And he's also been on a strict diet for months, losing upwards of 40 pounds. But what would the Shahs of Sunset pal eat for his no-holds-barred, pie-in-the-sky very last meal on Earth?

When it comes to strategizing, Reza's no fool. His final meal would be a buffet of his favorite foods, of course. "It definitely would need to include pizza and French fries. There would need to be some sort of Chinese food, probably like an orange chicken with fried rice, but I don't like yolk in my fried rice, it has to be just an egg white fried rice 'cuz the yolk smells nasty," he proclaimed in a recent interview.

Oh, we all know how Reza reacts when he smells an egg cooking—cue the major drama.

And let's not forget the sweets. And the alcohol. "Definitely lots of desserts, probably like a cheesecake and some sort of ice cream," Reza added. "And probably an Ivy gimlet, so, a little buffet style."

The Ivy gimlet is a vodka cocktail served at The Ivy, one of Los Angeles' most celeb-studded restaurants.

A buffet with an assortment of comfort foods, desserts, and cocktails? Genius.

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