Riceball the Chihuahua Has His Own Bedroom and His Own Bar and His Own Laptop and—

Raise your hand if you wish you were Riceball.

Riceball the Chihuahua is something of an enigma. He’s a 5-pound long-haired Chihuahua that lives in NYC and loves to sleep. “Chasing my own tail is my hobby,” reads his Instagram profile. He also has a very elaborate home of his own, replete with fully decorated bedroom (including a tiny fish tank), work station (with a miniature Macbook Pro), and bar (featuring eensy $5 caipirinhas on happy hour special).

But who is Riceball? How did he come into such extravagant environs? We reached out to his human (if she truly exists), but have not heard back yet. We may never have an answer, but we will enjoy highlights from his Instagram in the meantime:

His home office:

His bedroom (the fish tank is actually a mini humidifier for his stuffy nose):

Another view of Riceball’s room:

His bar:

His car:

His own ping pong set:

And, of course, his own guest bartender (just like on Watch What Happens Live!):

Okay, Riceball, we’re sold. Can we come over for some Netflix and snuggle?

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