Russell Brand To Raise His New Baby Girl As "Gender Neutral"

The comic says he'll let her decided how she wants to be identified.

Russell Brand has revealed his newborn is a girl, and has named her Mabel.

The 41-year-old comic hadn’t revealed the sex of his baby over the weekend, when when his fiancée Laura Gallacher, 27, gave birth over the weekend. 

Russell has also revealed that he will raise his child as “gender neutral,” saying he’s going to “let the child grow up and be whatever the hell it is.” He had also read a different book every week to mentally prepare for becoming a father and a husband. 

The actor also lives a quiet life on a farm in England now with his love, caring for chickens and cows. 

“I’m so much happier over the course of the day to see one or two people and a few chickens, that’s a good way of living,” he says. 

He also revealed on “Jonathan Ross” that he is enjoying being faithful. 

“[I am enjoying monogamy] because there is a baby coming,” he said. “One of them sperm finally made it, after I’d released so many, so abundantly, indiscriminate. Who knows who could have been born, which geniuses have been squandered? Some of that is because I’m in a monogamous relationship now so I’m a lot calmer… I like it as a matter of fact. I live a quiet rural life now out in the country… this animal husbandry and this new venture I think will soon put me back on top.”

Russell was famously married to Katy Perry. 

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