Safari Camper Films Lions Licking Her Tent... With Her Inside!

Talk about getting up close and personal with nature.

Travelers who choose camping on an African game reserve as a holiday are obviously down for adventure. And as we can plainly see in a video that's now going viral, adventure is just what two safari campers in Botswana recently got.

Indeed, the pair sleeping on the Mabuasehube game reserve woke from slumber to find two lions licking water off of their tent from rain the night before!

But contrary to what you might expect, camper Francie Francisca Lubbe didn’t experience panic in that moment. Instead, she had the presence of mind to record a video, which she posted on her Facebook page on May 23 — and it's since been shared more than 15,000 times. On social media, she called the experience of communing with the animals "a privelege."

But we can't help but wonder if that bottle of Bell's whisky seen prominently in the frame helped her steel those nerves.

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