Sam Talbot's Unusual Daily Breakfast Is a "Weird Sam Talbot Thing," He Says

It sounds healthy, but…

We've seen Sam Talbot whip up lots of tasty creations as a competitor on Top Chef. But as for his daily breakfast? We're not so sure we'd want to try it.

Earlier this year, Sam opened his Brooklyn restaurant Pretty Southern and spends the majority of his time cooking and eating there. So when it comes to breakfast, he raids the restaurant kitchen. "I'm not cooking at home, I'm only at the restaurant, and at the restaurant we have just a beautiful array of produce," Sam told The Feast. "So in the morning I just take anything green that I can find in the kitchen and just drop it into a vitamix, just to kind of like get my nutrients and my vitamins and my minerals in for the day."

Anything green? According to Sam, sure: "Collard greens, kale, whatever's green, asparagus, it doesn't matter, it just goes in, put in a little bit of coconut milk, water, down the hatch."

Hmm…somehow, his mystery green drink doesn't sound too tasty. "That's just kind of a me, like, weird Sam Talbot thing," he admitted.

Since he starts off with such a healthy kick, the type 1 diabetic feels like he can "cheat a little bit" during the rest of the day. That includes fried chicken and biscuits, of course—after all, they're the stars of his restaurant menu. "You have to be tasting your product constantly," he explained, adding, "And as a diabetic and all of those things it's moderation, you know, so it's not like eating an entire piece of chicken, it's tasting, keep moving, keep moving."

Sounds like he's got his fitness routine down. We're on board, but maybe we'll add an apple to that green drink. And skip the asparagus.

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